Sunday, September 7, 2008


I admit it... I have a problem.

Name a free to play Asian MMO, especially a cute anime based one, and chances are I've played it. I can't stop downloading the darn things! Most can't hold my attention for more than a few days but it's like an addiction, downloading and trying them. I don't know if I just like seeing new games or if I'm actually hoping to find one that I can play for longer than a week or two.

Current obsesesion, Albatross18 (Pangya everywhere else, and a much better name in my opinion)

I first came upon the game when I was playing Trickster Online, an addictive little game that I played for a few months made by the same company. In Trickster two of the characters of Pangya, Arin and Kooh, are little pets that follow you around. I though Kooh was adorably hot ... then I found out that she's eleven. This doesn't stop people from lusting after her and clothing her in skimpy outfits and that disturbs me. What disturbs me more is that... she's still hot! Gah!

Anyway, I tried it probably a year ago but didn't play much because frankly I suck at sports games. Giving it a try again and I'm sucking a bit less and having more fun. It's pure eyecandy, and without the graphics and characters I doubt I'd play. There is something really satisfying about hearing that "Paang-YA!" though. The game is plagued by the same idiots as any other free game but it's a great distraction. I'm trying to save up to buy Arin but at the rate that I seem to be making pang it'll take a month to earn that much. ; ; 

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