Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The path goes ever and on.

If I spent half as much time updating this blog as I have fusing over it's hosting and template it'll be the third longest blog in history. I've still got to finish my blogroll/links and come up with a discription if I decide to do so as well as provide a location for tags, my current media and thumbnails of bento pics. Blah. My prior personal blog was kept for six years, in the interst of promoting sanity on the internet I will attempt to make this one a bit -less- personal than the last. I will provide a bit of background in that my name is Melissa, I live in Seattle but grew up in small town Missouri and I'm a Japanese language student and gamer girl. 

Centered around my hobbies: Gaming (and roleplaying), bento (my new craze, yum yum) and my ever prescent Japanophilia. 

A bit about the name - I started my first online journal when I was sixteen, eight years ago. Yes, I said "online journal" because when I began the term blog hadn't been coined. In emo teenager style it was named after a Tori Amos song that was in my head the night I set it up. Keeping the tradition this blog is named after the title song of Azumanga Daioh which happened to be stuck firmly in my head when I was pondering a name.  It's literal translation is "earless cake" or "deaf cake" but the meaning is closer to "imaginary cake" or "dream cake". I chose to spell cake as it is pronounced in Japanese "keki" becaues I think it's cute. 

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